Sunday, 11 February 2018

Kaisercraft Feb Challenge

hi all,

arrived home a day early,  hubby  said   it too windy to  go fishing  , so unbeknown to  him,  i m thinking , i might get a  layout done today,  after we  unpack the van ,washed,  im  in the craft room yaaa,

Today, I  managed to  do  Kaiser Hexagons February   challenge,  its looked so pretty when i was away,  ( of course i  look at  them after hubby goes to bed L O L  then he doesnt know  that im still thinking about them while im resting 

my Base  is  Kaiser  - Mademoiselle P2126 mahogany base
                     Kaiser  -  Lullaby            P646 hush little baby
                     Kaiser  -  Day dreamer  Collectables
                     Kaiser, -  Journal  cards,    Day dreamer  and lullaby
                     Kaiser -  Navy Card stock - C D  151
                     Kaiser  Inks Jade  IP 717
                     Kaiser  inks   pedal pink  IP  725,

other ,

Black  gel pen

gosh,  i will have to look into getting some more  inks,  i  only have one pink, and my other colours are falling apart,  that i used today,

thanks again for   a great challenge
  thanks for stopping by,


Tuesday, 30 January 2018


hi all ,

as you can see, i found a  sketch  book dated 2013, so this year  is a year of  using what i have in the cupboards

 so  found this sketch today and here is my  layout

with a few modifications 
 off to  watch a  bit of news  

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

my brothers 60th album

hi all,

 i  just thought i would share with you   my brothers 60th album 
im using  Heartfelt creations   3d album  and using   Kaiser indigo Skies paper collection

 see you all another time 


Monday, 15 January 2018

summer day

hi everyone,

well, another day has dawned, i thought today, im  going to  sort out some  stuff this morning,  then this avo,  go to the library,   but in  doing so , things have not gone to plan this morning, and  now  not feeling so great,  maybe i should just give up eating, it seems to work for my mum who only eats  very little
i should not stay on here  long ,as i still dont have internet much
 day 16
im to get  internet on day 22  can not wait

 well, chat soon, i will try and put up a layout  tomorrow, that i did last night, for one of the challenges i do
new computer and new mobile phone to get my head around

 chat soon  jacqui

Thursday, 11 January 2018

hi  everyone ,
another day at the library,   gosh its hot outside, but think  i will stay in the cool ,but am getting hungry now ,after leaving home at 8.45 am 

i have driven 18 klms  each way today to  get a scrip for mum  which we  didn't think we needed tili  got to the chemist  and found   that he said i  needed to go to the dr, i only was there today LOL

so then came back  and  did some banking,   went to cheap shop, looking for  ribbon for a friend came out empty handed ,  never mind other cheap shops around, 

been to 2  others none  gosh whats happening ,

 now in the cool of the library, about to run  out of time so will have to be quick here, 

 this avo,  going to   playin  my room and finally,  get my room cleaned up , (  well i hope )

then can think  clearly 
 now still can not get into  my emails  on the computer here ,  umm ,ive tried every possible  password i can think of  over the last few days

 well ,got out  leave chat another day

 chat soon again,

Monday, 8 January 2018

hi followers
, sorry im not putting anything up for you to see , hoping that next month this will change,  and hope that i  have data  on my net again ,

im soo missing it      i come up to the library every couple of days,  but still unable to get into my emails, which is a pain also , 
i m starting to wonder if ive been hacked,  but how would i  know,   ? ?? ?
i hope not ,anyway, 

so i have created another 2 albums   one  is a orchid album using  heartfelt creations   orchid  botanical  papers,

 the other one i have used lilic whisper  kaiser papers  they are so lovely , may have to see if i can get more of that one  for other projects

so will endeavour to  put photos  in the orchid album while waiting  for the 22nd to arrive,
  are we there yet
 well , my time is almost up ,gosh  the hour goes quick  here .

chat  another day.


Wednesday, 3 January 2018

a new year

 a new year has begun, where did last year go,

 well this year,  i'm thinking that  instead of  doing all the challenges every month.    only do some.    some months 

 some 13 months ago , i bought  papers ,dies, stamps to create double layouts, well they are still sitting on the floor waiting to be done, as i was going to    re vamp my  new zealand  album 

 also   some 5 years ago ,before challenges took over,  i was going to   do our home  album, which i  have done 4 pages of , i have all the  papers  still in the drawer taking space ,

so  thought that this year  i noticed that  123 challenge is having a GAP  year.  so i  may also do this as well and just have a play with things  i have bought over the last 2 years and not been able to get to

i have been busy i  have created a mini  60th album for my brother as well as a  85th album for my mum last year 2017. as well as a holiday  one  a calendar one , halloween  one,  now onto  one at the moment  with  orchid papers  i will try to load some photos up ,when i have more data after 22nd january,  where is it all going ? ? ?? ?  i have created 6 mini albums now with 7th  8th and 9th in the making ,   

im up at the library these next 20 days or so  to use the library  computers. for internet,

 well hope everyone has a happy new year, i certainly am looking for a better year, i must have killed some  china man last year , as i had 11 of my friends   pass away,   i don't want any this year,

 well, my time is almost up ,so   catch up with you soon , is it  22nd yet  lol 

thanks for stopping by