Wednesday, 13 December 2017

off the air

hi   those who are  following my layouts,

i will be off the air til after 20th December ,as i  been watching too many u tube videos and dont have any data left til  then
im  on my brother in laws  computer and internet, i best not run it up or he will complain
sorry for any inconvenience,  but wont be loading my videos of my mini albums til i  can make them small to take and  create  any layout challenge til after Christmas


Tuesday, 5 December 2017

 welcome to my blog, i will try not  to go on forever , i seem  to write manuscripts here

some of you , may have noticed, that i haven't  been doing a lot of online challenges of late,
i have been busy,  life sometimes gets in the way, ( is this what retirement is , to always keep busy like work,? ?   ) although the last few months i seem to only get a couple of challenges done  each month, my diary  tells me that im always busy

   for the last 39 years,  i have always sent  my Christmas cards out  on  1st December, but not this year, i have the cards on the table ,  thats a start,  i think  i will  stay  home on  the  12 th  december to  do them finally,  hope the post  man still works

in 2016,  a good friend, added  me to a 216 challenge, being the beginning of January i just thought it was a monthly challenge,  like ive been dong for the past 3 and half    years,

 in my   cupboard i had  9  boxes of  photos,   216 layouts in a year ,  i  accomplished this and  moved 5 boxes out of the cupboard,  i thought  2017,  i only have  4  boxes left,  so  should be a  piece of cake lol  to get them scrapped  in  the year, well,  the  boxes are still in the cupboard, i thought i would have more space this Christmas
.i think  in the new year, 2018,  i will have to  make a pact to   get  these  photos scrapped so i have room in my cupboard again ,     
so , what do i  do when im scrapping and not doing challenges,im making  mini albums , im used to doing a online challenge and having it loaded up within a few hours, but this isnt the case with mini albums,   here i am  at  album 6  with   ideas of what to do with album  number 7,  8  &  9  albums .gosh,  what am i  thinking , i only have so many hours in a day, and if im  out ,like my diary tells me  i am , then it only leaves a few hours at night, after i  get off chatting to friends online,  to do them, like between  10  pm and midnight , lol  maybe i dont sleep ,  that might the key  ? ? ? ?
 so  after  sunday  10th , i will  show you one of my mini albums , i have taken a video of it, my first video ever,  so bear with me, 

i will endeavor to    show you more of them when time permits
im thinking  i do love the December challenges, but  it  have to be after Christmas, unless i can  get in a day at cropping  maybe ,   ?? ? ??
chat soon, 

Sunday, 5 November 2017

123 November challenge


Another  month  upon us,  where has this year flown.
( 1 )  sketch
(2)  2 words  Awesome  Adventure
(3) 3 colours   green , blue and grey.
  this months challenge  has  great  colours,  blue, green and grey, growing up , i was always told  blue and green should never been seen, yet, i say to people  what colour is the grass  and what colour is the sky & sea. & they meet . and they do look great together.

im going to keep it short, i say that every month, but here goes . . . . . .
products used,
blue and green card stock
Kaisers - Stonewall stencil
Kaiser  -  Basecoat ,  IV collection
Colour  Blast    - Steel  texture paste
Scrapmatts  chipboards -   circle
Krafters Korner   flowers
Ultimate  Crafts -  Bohamian  Bouquet  Gemstones  Flourishes
Resin Rainbow -  bespoke flower  doily
Kelly Ann Oosterbeeks -  Butterflies
in my stash i found a  paper  doily ,  that had grey  flower upon it , so have also inked around the outside of this

I have  used  my  stonewall stencil to  create  a bit of texture on the   basecoat   background as well as on the blue  cardstock under the photos .
after drying  i have  assembled it all together.
i have  inked the  scrapmatts chipboard circle.
printed  out the words,  Awesome   Adventure on white cardstock though my  computer and printer as well as  my sub title  and main total,  Lake Tekapo and  The church of  good shepherd
lucky, the  information  that i had on a piece of paper ( from new Zealand trip)   fitted on to make a photo .

Until next month,  I  wonder if  it will be red or green being christmas month, i will just have to  wait and see.
have a a great time scrapping.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

kelly anns challenge for retreat

 hi all ,
i know i haven't done any challenges this month,   i thought at the beginning, that i would wait til  after  kelly anns  retreat to  get started,  so  did not do any layouts for 13 days, til camp,
i went to the retreat ,which wa great only problem , Rain, and humidity, does not go well with my sinuses and rain it did all weekend, 
i came home and then  caught a cold on top of it ,so dr put me on medication and today is the first day that i have felt , like doing anything,
im still coughing  a bit , so staying home  i would love to  go to  new scrapbooking shops to see what they have, but it will have to wait .

We  got a group photo  on the last day of  camp,  and  kelly ann, asked us to do a layout by the end of the month,

i have used a combination of   Kaisers indigo skies and  one of the base coat  background  sheets,  and then  with my stash  just filled around the photo 

fishing net,  at the back of the photo  ,
good times
light house from scrapmatts

flower  stem  green tara
rocks are from  bead shop
by the sea is scrapmatts,
post card is studio light ( Vintage  lane
buterflies from Kelly Ann Oosterbeek
bling from cheap shop
in the good times, we received  some  beads, so instead of trying to  find a home, i placed then in and added glossy accents  to it to look like rain  how clever LOL
the post card , i  type on  my computer then  put the paper  though,

well , not sure if i will get any other  challenges done this month, depending on how i feel in the next coming days ,
til next month,

have a great day.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Kaiser Septembers Challenge

Kaiser Septambers  Challenge
 i can not believe  that we are  almost in October, where has the year gone,

looking at the  great sketch ,but not  thinking of any pictures  can be troublesome to say the least, when the mind goes blank, its not that i dont have enough photos, i have lots and they need to be scrapped or as my hubby says , if they now dont mean anything  now , throw them away.
shock horror i think

so looking at the  Kaiser corner, so many  beautiful layouts, this month,  i think, maybe it  just time for me to give the challenges a miss , ive been doing them for over 3 years,   but i do like  the sketches etc. i still have a mountain of Kaiser products, and mountains of photos  and it gives me something to do though the day  when im home and not travelling people for appointments every month,
A lady wrote when i mentioned this and she said that instead of  looking for photos of people  that no  one really  is interested in as they dont know them  why  not do sceneries,
 well, yes, i thought  i have lots of photos that way in new zealand trip, and so my journey began
products ive used ,
Kaiser  - Limelight  paper
P 1451 Dawn
P1445 Bright
P 1449 Step
Botanica  -  collectables
Kaiser  Elegant  Pearl Florish Chocolate
Kaiser  Lime green Rhinestones
No cardstock was used on this layout

kelly -Ann Oosterbeeks Designs  Glossy   butterflies Brown
 here is my version

Hope you like it ,now  to  figure  how i enter the page  again ,
have a great day

123 septembers challenge

123 September's  Challenge

Love this combo, i  always love anything  that  has blue in it , so calming
I enjoy   doing  123 challenges each month  and can not wait til the next month comes around.
love this sketch, colours and  words,  Love Always,  this view  from  imaginarium  designs chipboards,
Where has September gone   its almost over and i haven't  done any of my challenges this month, time is going too fast,
After a restful break for  10 days away, i came home  peaceful & relaxed , but then  2 days later  the hectic  life began again with taking people off for their appointments, hospitals again.  yaa i  think i have this week off, keep fingers crossed,
 i need another holiday, LOL
todays i have chosen a few   collections for my page,
Kaiser -  Coastal  Escape, High Tide &  Close to my Heart  papers
Inked the title  with   Kaisers, sandstone  inks this is getting a bit light on , i  will have to make it one of  my new buys at the next trip to  the  shop.
I have  Kaisers Die cut my anchors using  sand and  blue cardstock
the circle, i cut out of  my  bread and butter  plate,  easy,  instead of getting out machine,
inked the string on some of the  anchors,
i have embossed  swirls,  just love these   going though my ebosser, for texture
I have distressed my edges and inked as well,

hard to believe we are in  October next week,  my turn for someone ( hubby )  to drive  me to an appointment, rest , yaaa. at   first thought i would be staying in hospital, but this isn't the case now ,  so hoping that  all will go well,   im  looking forward to seeing the  sizes of the  sketch photos again real soo instead of spots, i will be seeing properly,
 i will be  resting for a few days, from 3rd October,
hope you like my layout as much as i  have enjoyed doing this ,

until next month have a great day



Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Kaiser August Challenge

Kaiser August Challenge
I recently bought some Kaiser die set,   and thought ,why not ,  do the Kaiser   challenge,
I have been buying Kaiser papers since 2007,  so  know  what papers i will need for this challenge,

 products i have  used tonight  are
Kaiser Factory 42 stamps
Kaiser  Embossing folder  cogs
Kaiser  K bolts   patterned papers
Kaiser  blue  cardstock
Kaiser Black Cardstock

   cog stencil
           creativ  stickers  you and me  and  a chpboard   cog , in my stash
staz on  ink  to stamp
  thanks for great challenge,  i dont  do  boy pages often enough, but then again , sometimes   boys papers are not round either,